Thursday, 18 May 2017

Clerkenwell Design Week: International Design at Alfies

This year's Clerkenwell Design Week will take place 23-25 May 2017 (less a week, more an intense two day extravaganza) and celebrates its 8th anniversary. As the leading  UK’s leading independent design festival, CDW expects an increase on last year's 34,000+ attendees and will host design led exhibitions and events across 8 official, and several more unofficial, CDW venues. Last year it was also announced as Winner of Best UK Tradeshow at the AEO Awards 2016.

The focus for 2017 is the best of international design and to celebrate, we've rounded up our top picks of new in design pieces from around the globe at Alfies.

Czech educational chemical molecular models (left model c6 h12, right model ETANOL)
 – Mid Century. From The Moderns at Alfies.

Leucos domed table light, 1970s. From Cupio on the First Floor Mezzanine at Alfies.

Modular tubular vase, brass plated, 1970s/80s. From The Moderns at Alfies.
Elegant Italian desk c1955. Mahogany top, black lacquered metal legs, cream lacquered panels and drawers.
Available from Martin Rooney at Alfies.

1960s Chrome chairs By Poul Nørreklit. From Thirteen Interiors at Alfies.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May's Birthstone: Emerald

The Emerald is a jewel of long history, legend and fascination. Whilst there are other green gems such as Jade, Tourmaline and Peridot, it is always the Emerald that is associated with landscapes and nature because of its vivid colour - Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle and Seattle is referred to as the Emerald City. Even Thailand's most sacred religious icon is known as the 'Emerald Buddha'. The name is derived from Ancient Greece and the first known Emerald mines were in Egypt, with Cleopatra being particularly fond of the gem, using them to adorn many of her royal outfits.

The stone is part of the 'Beryl' family of gemstones and legend says that it holds a number of mystical properties, including being able to see into the future if the stone is placed under the tongue. Not to mention its use to reveal the truth and ward off evil spirits.

The colour of the Emerald is said to reflect new Spring growth, making it the perfect birthstone for the month of May, and of course here at Alfies we have some perfect Emerald pieces to offer.

An Austrian/Hungarian emerald and pearl silver bracelet, 1860s/70s. Offered by Zeeba Jewels.

Left to Right: A two carat diamond and three carat emerald ring, 1980s; A French Art Deco emerald and diamond ring, 1930s. Offered by Kieron Reilly

A Wedgwood shell plate 1920s/30s. Offered by W & L Antiques
A diamond and emerald bow brooch, 1940s. Offered by Zeeba Jewels

Art Deco diamond and emerald rings, 1930s. Offered by Kieron Reilly

An American jug with diamond detailing, 1940s. Offered by Renato

An emerald and diamond 18ct necklace, 1980s, Offered by Zeeba Jewels

Thursday, 4 May 2017

History of the Trunk

Trunks became very popular in the Victorian Era, at this point railroads were established as well as inter-continental travel by water, making long distance trips more accessible and thus easier to transport luggage.

A view of Tin Tin Collectables Luggage

Early trunks were usually a simple lockable wooden box with a paper-lined interior, but like most things from the Victorian period, went on to become intricately designed making them attractive as well as functional. They were covered in leather (or sometimes painted with ornate designs), paper, canvas and some form of decorative metal hardware. This was offset by practical features such as different compartments, drawers, trays and hangers.

Trunks were ubiquitous up until the 1920s, solidifying their position in history and paving the way for our continued interest and current use as decorative furniture, such as a storage chest or even a coffee table.

Below are just a few examples of trunks available at Tin Tin Collectables Luggage.

1910 French 'mocodile' trunk in printed canvas with polished wooden struts. 

Low steamer with solid lock, studs, knuckles and painted panels with original labels.

Rare and well conditioned Campaign trunk, circa 1900s. Originally the property of Col. J W Hackett (eventually Lieut. General). Solid leather construction with original padlock and key over brass hasp. 

 Large and impressive French ocean liner trunk from 1910. Heavily ribbed canvas outer with polished wooden banding and brass locks and trimming with leather edging.

Leslie Verrinder of Tin Tin Collectables gives his advice on caring for your antique and vintage luggage in a special Homes & Antiques cut out and keep article.

Tin Tin Collectables Luggage is based on the first floor at Alfies.
Stand F014
020 7258 1305

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Dealer Spotlight: Moe Heidarieh

Located in the reception area of the market is Moe Heidarieh, Alfies resident watch specialist. Having been a dealer here for around 20 years he is nearly part of the furniture and one of Alfies stand out characters - always in a good mood, welcoming and ready to help anyone who comes through the door.

Moes stand is a little nook in the corner of the building where a collection of items mingle together. You can be sure to find prints, art and even the odd book tucked away, but Moes real passion is timepieces. He has a large collection of both men's and women's watches or many eras and designs available. And he's always willing to change a battery for you.

Below you'll find just a small selection of watches available from Moe.

Moe, hard at work

A men's Ebel watch, Swiss made with a mechanical winder, 1940s
A full hunter pocket watch, gold filled with mechanical winder, 1920s
A women's Aurore watch, gold plated with quartz winder, 1960s
A men's Baume and Mercer watch, Swiss made with quartz winder, original strap with 14ct gold, 1990s
A women's Omega watch, Swiss made with mechanical winder, gold plated, 1960s

A women's Limit watch, Swiss made with incabloc design, 1960s

Moe Heidarieh
Stand G009-011
Tel: 07807 359 931

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dazzling Diamonds

We've all heard the the old adage, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and with its brilliance, scintillation & dispersion it's easy to see why. Diamonds, the most popular gemstone, are also the symbol for steadfast love. Another slogan we've heard many times is that, “a diamond is forever.” This is because of the stone’s symbol of deep, everlasting love, as well as the fact that it’s the hardest substance known on earth.

The diamond is also the stone that marks the 60th anniversary of marriage, and is the birthstone for the month of April. Here's a beautifully curated collection of dazzling diamonds available at Alfies.

Old cut diamond (approx 1.2 ct.) on 18ct white gold. Available from Pars Jewellery.

18ct diamond bracelet. French. c1860s. Available from Kieron Rielly.

18ct white gold and diamond ring. Available from Gareth Brooks.

1900-1910 Lizard brooch in 18ct gold with rose cut diamonds. Offered by Pari's Jewellery.

Georgian ruby & diamond ring. 18ct. Offered by Zeeba Jewels.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Easter Treats at Alfies

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon, it has been called a moveable feast because it doesn’t fall on a set date every year. It is a significant religious event which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, however, it also has a commercial side as evidenced by the mounds of chocolate eggs and bunny or chick shaped sweets that appear in stores each spring. 

At Alfies, you'll find lots of Easter/Spring themed items - not of the confectionary kind!

Durability jam pot, c 1903. Offered by Beth.

Vintage ceramic salt & pepper chicks, offered by Robinson Antiques.

A Shelley Coffee set with English Rose design, c1930s.
Comprising of a coffee pot, 6 cups & saucers and a milk jug, offered by W&L Antiques.

Chinese snuff bottle with crane amidst blossoms design, c1930, offered by Horner Antiques.
Vintage Limoges porcelain egg, offered by Hayman & Hayman.

A Corona Harley Art Deco teapot c1930, offered by Beth.

A Royal Winton buttercheese dish, 1930s, offered by W & L Antiques.

A Russian 19th Century icon painting of the resurrection, offered by Diplomat Treasures International.

Easter Opening Hours


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Depictions of Spring in Painting

The Spring landscape has always been an inspiration for artists throughout history, from Renoir through to Monet and Van Gogh. This particular time of year has informed some incredibly famous pieces of art, still being a widely referenced subject matter in the modern world. The vibrancy of colours and ever changing light during this season are characteristics often focused on within painting and since it's a time where the land is changing and developing, allows for a huge variety of interpretations by artists.

It’s quite clear that nature continues to be a huge source of inspiration and so with this in mind, along with the recent emergence of sunshine, we thought we would look for some of our own Spring inspired artwork here at Alfies.

Oil on board Impressionist style painting, late 20th Century. Signed Bere. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts
Oil on board, 1960s. Signed Alan Hudson. Offered by i Fine & Contemporary Art
Old Haycock vegetable garden, oil on canvas, 1950s. Signed Christopher Sanders. Offered by Robert McKoy Fine Arts
English watercolour painting, early 20th Century. Signed E. Mould. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts

Oil on canvas, 1950s. Signed D. Bereny. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts
Garden Flowers, oil on board, 1970s. Signed India Duncan. Offered by i Fine & Contemporary Arts

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Futuro House

Having landed at Central Saint Martins in 2015 for an initial year long stay, The Futuro House visit to King's Cross has now been extended until Summer 2017 by popular demand. Futuro is a round, prefabricated house designed by Matti Suuronen, of which fewer than 100 were made between the 1960s and 1970s. The distinctive flying saucer-like shape and airplane hatch entrance has made the houses popular among collectors.

The Futuro House at King's Cross

Matti Suuronen. Photo from: We worship bears | Taken from

The King's Cross model, painstakingly restored by artist Craig Barnes, is one of only approximately 60 still in existence today. The rare 1970s structure will act as a working space, host to a variety of performances, screenings, talks and more.

We took inspiration from Futuro and discovered lots of Space Age style items at Alfies which wouldn't look out of place in a flying saucer!

1950s table light, available from  Thirteen Interiors

1950s wooden and string geometric style hanging light, available from Steven Lazarus

An original stool from 1962 - designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort, available from Thirteen Interiors

A glass top coffee table with chrome Sputnik base, 1970s European. Available from Christine Murray

Brian Willsher wooden abstract sculpture, c1965. Available from Robinson Antiques.

Riihimaki glass vases, 1970s, Finnish. Available from Robinson Antiques

Large contemporary plastic nose, offered by Diplomat Treasures International

Illustration for Science Fiction comic, offered by Diplomat Treasures International

Oyster wall lights, available from Thirteen Interiors

Pair of Knubling Table Lamps by Anders Pherson for Ateljé Lyktan, Sweden Original 1960s, available from Thirteen Interiors

Plona folding chairs, Italy, available from Vincenzo Caffarella

Set of five chrome suspension spiral lamps attributed to Angelo Mangarotti, available from The Moderns

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